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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  April 11, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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breaking down. we're live in vallejo where police are searching for the suspect who shot at four people while they were driving. we'll tell you what we know about the getaway car. it's a story we've been following since 4:30 this morning. a stolen car leads to big trouble in one san francisco neighborhood. and the crisis in korea. the surprising new statement from the south korean government. "mornings on 2" begins right now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. we want to go right to sal now with breaking news from san francisco. sal? >> all right. the smoke that was rising has become much less now. it's a house fire on holiday avenue between wright and peralta avenue. this fire is very close to cesar chavez street and highway
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101. fire crews arrived on the scene. they were dispatched at 6:48. they got their quick. i heard the radio call during one of my traffic reports. they got there and knocked this down. it was reportedly a fire that started in the garage of this house and you can definitely see that there's smoke coming up but they have -- but they've declared the fire contained at this time in san francisco. stay with ktvu. we'll let you know as we find out more about the fire. we don't know if anyone has been injured or not. back to the desk. thank you, sal. also happening now in san jose, within the past hour, firefighters raced to the scene of a popular south bay restaurant. ktvu's christien kafton joins us live from the scene to tell us what they found when they got there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're here at the shopping center. you can see the crew breaking it down. they were called out here to
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this pasta pamaadora. there was an alarm alerting them that a sprinklerhead activated. we have video shot by one of our ktvu producers on a mobile phone. you can see how seriously they -- they took this incident. by the time they arrived on scene five minutes after that initial call, they found there was, in fact, no fire here, just steam from a sprinkler dumping water in the kitchen at the pasta restaurant. firefighters say this happens occasionally. it appears at this time, that a stove may have been left on all night. at this point, no fire, no damage. the fire department says they would not be surprised if the pasta restaurant is serving dinner as early as tonight. one more night, there was a fire at this location in december of last year and in that case it was the sign above the restaurant that caught fire -- that caught the building on
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fire. that, again, does not appear to be the case in this case. again, at this time, firefighters breaking down, telling us that it appears that a stove had been left on overnight and that eventually generated enough heat to set off the automatic sprinkler system. we're live in san jose, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. it was a violent night on the streets of vallejo. police say four people were wounded in a terrifying shooting. tara moriarty has been talking to police this morning. she's back now at the vallejo police headquarters. tara? >> reporter: well, part of the challenge for investigators in this case is that the victims are not cooperating with police. that may indicate that they know who shot at them. now, last night around 10:15. that's when this incident unfolded. investigators found shell cases. this spread across the 18 and 1900 blocks of mini drive.
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the suspects were firing pistols at the white car. bullets shattered the back window and it crashed into a parked car not occupied. officers found a man and woman inside the white car who had been shot. meanwhile, two male victims ran out of the car and were pounding on neighbors' doors for help. the motive for this shooting is unknown. >> i've been here for 26 years. when i started it was the crack cocaine epidemic and crooks were shooting crooks, basically, dope dealers shooting dope dealers. now it seems like it's more random. some gang-related activities. some drug-related activities. a lot of retribution as a result of doing somebody's family member wrong. >> reporter: all four victims in their 20s were taken to area hospitals. one received a head wound but all are expected to live. police did not recover any weapons. their description on the suspect vehicle is very vague. we know it was a small gray or white car.
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vallejo police were really taxed last night. they had to call american canyon police in for help. they've been very busy this week. they've had a shooting every day. if we learn any more information about this case, we'll pass it along to you this morning. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. police in east palo alto searching for suspects in a drive-by shooting where a man was shot in the head. it happened last night on zalia drive. investigators say a man opened fire on a 29-year-old man as he walked down the street. that man is listed in stable condition. the suspect's car was gone by the time police arrived. investigators are now calling on witnesses to come forward. 7:05. two suspect the carjackers are on -- two suspects carjackers are on the loose in san francisco. a little after 3:00 this morning, a 2011 nissan smashed into a muni bus and fire hydrant at van ness and union street. water shot 20 feet into the
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air. a lane of van ness avenue was blocked for more than an hour. police say the vehicle was carjacked from modesto several days ago. officers spotted the car and were chasing it at the time of the crash. >> i just was sitting on the bench and i see the water sprout, you know, and next thing you know there's eight or nine cops coming through, sfpd, california highway patrol. >> police are now looking for the suspects. there were no passengers aboard the bus at the time of the crash. 7:06. the u.s. senate starts debate on a new gun control education. ahead of the debate, volunteers and member of the clergy from newtown, connecticut, they are creating a mock cemetery right on the national mall in washington, d.c. those crosses out there represent the 3300 victims killed as a result of gun violence since the shooting at sandy hook element school. now -- elementary school.
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we'll bring you a live report from our washington, d.c. newsroom with the battle expected on the u.s. senate floor this morning. 7:06. in north korea today, it is a national holiday celebrating one year since kim jung un became the country's leader. this is new video of young people celebrating with dances in the streets. but it did not stop north korea from issuing yet another threat saying it has powerful striking means on standby for missile launch. rene marsh joins us from washington, d.c. to explain how south korea is responding to all of this. rene? >> reporter: good morning, tori. as you mentioned this morning, all eyes remain locked on north korea as intelligence now suggests that they may be planning multiple rocket launches. north korea placed at least one missile into its upright firing position on wednesday and youth
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officials are -- u.s. officials are concerned that a launch is imminent. they say this could be an exercise to ensure that equipment is working or it could be part of an elaborate bluff to raise international anxiety about the north's intention. now, chuck hagel responded to north korea's rattling saying they are skating very close to a dangerous line. he went on to say that our country is fully prepared to deal with any contingency. now, american radar satellites, they are trained on the east coast of the korean peninsula, where north korea has moved those mobile missiles for a possible launch. since december, north korea has put a satellite in orbit. it's also conducted an underground nuclear test and state media has even talked about preparing for a preemptive nuclear attack on the united states. although most analysts believe that's beyond what they are capable of. we should note that tomorro
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secretary of state, john kerry, he will be making his way to south korea. he will be in seoul and he will be meeting with south korea's foreign minster to discuss the -- the tension between the two tomorrow. tori? >> thank you. an international group says syrian says siri yun fighter jets have targeted bakeries, breadlines and hospitals in the northern part of the country. it's been two years now since the syrian uprising began and the conflict shows no sign of ending. 7:09. millions of cars are being recalled by toyota. honda and nissan. there's a problem with their passenger side air bags. the inflater could explode sending plastic pieces flying. now, most of the affected model
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years appear to be between the year 2000 and 2004. so far, there's no word of any injuries. all right. it is 7:09. we want to check in with sal, get an update on the house fire you were telling us about the house in san francisco. >> that's right. holiday avenue, above highway 101. we're looking at this building. now we don't see any smoke coming from it at all, which means firefighters have it contained. they've said so. this fire was reported at 6:45 and was brought under containment relatively soon. no longer an issue for anyone except for those who live on holiday avenue. there are reports that the fire did some damage to the building or some pretty significant damage to the building. we'll let you know more as we find out. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. westbound as you come up to the macarthur maze. some slowing. 25 to 30-minute delay. also this morning in the south bay we had the earlier crash at
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hossseter. northbound 101 is slow and so is 280. let's go to steve. after yesterday's warm, warm day, we had mid-80s, upper 80s. today will be much cooler. some low clouds are back. i mean, it's not a strong surge on the fog. but it's a pretty good surl on the westerly breeze. a little system in the sierra nevada, that's all it took. light rain. reno 47 and some rain. san francisco yesterday officially 74. should be 63 this time of year. 11 degrees above. 63 on the high side. so cooling pattern not only coast and bay but at this time yesterday, san francisco's 59. they are 50. oakland 52. they were 65. that's a big difference. 47 novato. there's a sea breeze out to the delta. mostly it's a westerly breeze coming in. oakland's gone calm. but sfo, 15. they had gusts to 39 at 4:00 this morning. our system up in the sierra
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nevada continues to do its job. it's moving out rapidly. it's there on the least side of the sierra. that's allowing temperatures to be in the 40s. not only there but ukiah and eureka. one system moves out. there will be a series of them clipping us to the north. that will keep this pattern in place. our extreme was yesterday and maybe a cold, windy pattern by next tuesday. temperatures into the 70s for inland areas. 60s closer to the coast and bay. from 84 yesterday in concord to 74 today. alameda, 64. livermore is 86. we'll go 73 today. gilroy was 87. we'll go 76. same for redwood city. 59 pacifica. the fog is back to half moon bay. not much change for the weekend but maybe early next week. 7:12. boy, severe storms sweeping through the midwest. despite all of the damage caused by several tornadoes, a lot of people consider themselves very lucky. and running dry which local water district is now asking
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customers to cut back on landscape watering by 50%. push
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after yesterday's warmup, 70s and 80s, today will be cooler. it will still be sunny. there's fog on the coast. much, much cooler. we'll take this pattern into the weekend. maybe a change next week. more in 15 minutes. a little more stormy weather in the midwest. in arkansas, severe thunderstorms caused widespread disaster. the scene, scattered with debris, overturned cars and completely destroyed buildings. the thunderstorms joined several other weather systems that covered the midwest including three tornadoes reportedly touched down in missouri but the good news, there are no reports of serious injuries. thousands are still without power in minnesota. a west marin water district is
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now calling for conservation measures. officials say the lack of rain and warmer weather has deeply affected the water fly. the district says it's asked customers to cut landscape watering by 50%. the next step, ban all outside watering. but a district manager says such extremes are unlikely, at least this year. 7:15. new this morning from texas, the 20-year-old man accused of stabbing several people on the college campus earlier this week, he's in court. 20-year-old dylan quick is accused of stabbing more than a dozen people at a texas community college on tuesday. now, two students are still listed in critical condition. quick is facing three counts of aggravated assault. flight attendants say they are being left out of a very important hearing about small knives being allowed on planes. the coalition of flight attendant unions asked for a seat at this morning's house transportation security meeting but they weren't included.
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the coalition says the tsa's decision to allow small knives through security could put flight attendants in danger. the policy change is due to take effect in about two weeks. 7:16. happening now, u.s. senators on capitol hill are deciding whether to move forward with debating gun bills. as kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom, so far, we've heard from senate leaders and also the senator who represents newtown, connecticut. kyla? >> reporter: some of the family members of those newtown victims are back on capitol hill again today. just moments ago, we heard from connecticut senator richard bloomenthal who said americans want to see democracy work. >> the world has watched newtown and the families of newtown and it's watched connecticut. now the world is watching the united states senate. >> reporter: he went on to show pictures of some of the children and staff members killed at sandy hook elementary four months ago. senators will vote this morning
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on whether or not to move forward with debating gun bims recently propose -- bills recently proposed. that includes the bill proposed yesterday by joe manchin and pat toomey. they want to expand background checks to include online gun sales and purchases at gun shows. they also plan to require states to submit mental health insurance to the criminal background system and push states that don't comply. >> illnesses that make them them a dapger to themselves and others must keep weapons out of their hands. >> reporter: we'll continue to listen in. i will have the latest reaction from u.s. lawmakers next hour. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. an autopsy is now scheduled on the burned body of a man found along a san jose freeway. the body was found tuesday. firefighters were out there putting out a brush fire on the coddle road onramp to highway 85. now, police say the victim was a homeless man living in that
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area. ktvu found this mexican consulate i.d. card there at the scene. we gave it to the authorities. we did blur out the face and the name. residents are plugging their noses because of strange odors. city authorities say the odor reports in the past two years have increased. since 20 1, the city -- 2011 the city received 373 complaints. they believe the water pollution control plant and the newby island landfill might be the cause. the city is trying to fight expansion of that landfill. starting today, crash in bay area homes that was not collected for the past week will be picked up. last week some local allied waste employees stopped hauling gather bige in support of striking workers in ohio. this affected service in daly city, fremont and fairfield. allied waste says monday,
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tuesday, wednesday customers were not affected. s pickup for businesses with thursday and friday service returned earlier this week. now service for all thursday and friday residential customers will resume today and tomorrow. 7:19. did you like yesterday's weather? >> very nice. >> middle of summer. it's been a weird week. we look outside our window. it's kind of a -- well, it's a nice morning. steve paulson says we can expect another change today. golden state warriors poking fun at a player. the rookie hazing that involves bags of popcorn. good morning. traffic on the upper deck looks good coming into san francisco. we'll tell you about the backup at the bridge and also what it looks like on the roads in the city.
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sometimes he was like falling -- >> that was the voice of 8-year- old alexa lewis. they call her lexie. she called 911 last month when her mom game sick. she caulked with the 911 operator who helped her tell her mother how to monitor her breathing. she will be honored about being calm under pressure. this is part of the 911 for kids local heroes program. 7:23. a southern california man is behind bars accused of a standoff with sheriff's deputies in the middle of a highway. the 62-year-old suspect had a knife when he crossed all lanes of highway 101.
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this is down in santa barbara county yesterday. both directions were shut down. some drivers got out of their cars and ran away. the deputies finally subdued him. they fired their stun guns seven times due to his thick clothing. 7:23. the commissionerrer of major league baseball has turned down a request
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>> the hazing of this warriors player, he took it in stride. he said it's the veteran's way saying welcome. >> all of that popcorn. >> a lot. 7:25. let's check in with sal. another busy day at the toll plaza. >> i just have to laugh the way guys treat other guys. i was beat up in high school because they liked me. that's true. [laughter] >> let's take a look at the commute. westbound as you come up to the macarthur maze. slow traffic. yesterday we had a little bit of a retrieve. today we're back to the grind. 30 minutes here if you are at the end of the line if you happen to be in the carpool lane. in san francisco, we promised you a look at that.
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northbound 101 as you approach the 80 split. there's no game here at at&t park. giants are going to beautiful chicago. you don't have to worry about giants' traffic today. west 80 at appian way. highway 4 looks good in martinez but slow in antioch and bay pointe. and in livermore, it's pretty windy on the altamont pass. dan said it took more power on his motorcycle to get over the hills today because of the gusty winds. let's go to steve. sal? >> yes. >> you rode to work. >> yes. >> this is how we get to work here sometimes when it's nice out although the fog has come back. it's still sunny. most fog looks to be on the san mateo coast. temperatures today will definitely drop. i mean, yesterday, santa rosa was 85. san francisco, 74. concord, 85. not today. 60s and 70s. i think the biggest drop will
7:27 am
be where some of the fog is. a system that did -- that was up there in the sierra nevada gave some light rain to truckee and reno. we're sifly cooler than -- significantly cooler than 24 hours ago. you lose that north-northeast wind. that will do it. a series of systems will keep brushing us. yesterday was the warmest day by far and temperatures will drop today. certainly coast and bay take the biggest plunge. 50s and 60s. still 70s inland. they will not be as warm as yesterday. that's for sure. we'll carry that into the weekend. could be a big change early next week. 7:27. boy, it's super news for local football fans. the star power being added to the big push to bring the super bowl here not bay area. >> reporter: it looks like san francisco police officers won't be armed with tasers any time soon. we'll tell you what happened at a recent police commission meeting. >> reporter: we're live in
7:28 am
concord where a middle school teacher is on administrative leave for allegedly hitting a student. that's when "mornings on 2" continues. ♪
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i...i mean, welcome back. 7:30. a teacher in concord is under investigation for allegedly
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hitting a student. brian flores is live with the video that's landed the teacher in hot water. brian? >> reporter: hi, dave. good morning. school officials say they are currently investigating the incident and the teacher in question is currently on administrative leave until further notice. take a look at the video for yourself, a video that's raising questions this morning. this is video shot apparently by another student in class. you can see them panning their cell phone camera above and below the desk. was this a case of abuse? were the students egg egging the -- egging the teacher on? this is video that won't say and this video was posted on the website yesterday. the teacher in the video is seen talking to at least a couple of students and hitting
7:32 am
one of them with an unknown object. it happened sometime before spring break, according to websites. here is reackd from one student -- reaction from one student. >> i saw the video. >> reporter: what do you think about it? >> the person who got hit, my friend, they were telling me it's not the first time they hit him. >> reporter: okay. kind of shocking to see that video? >> yeah, i didn't know she would actually hit a student. >> reporter: reaction from the websites as well are saying that this case is being blown out of proportion. it's also being reported the teacher was at work on monday. but was not at work now, pending an investigation. we'll have more reaction coming up on "mornings on 2." we're live here in concord, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. in 90 minutes more than 200 students at deer valley high school will be tested for tuberculosis. contra costa health services will test anyone who may have
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come into contact with a student who recently had t.b. that includes anyone who shared a class or was in a club with that infected student. the officials are i -- are saying the risk of getting the disease is only about 10%. caltrans says bolt problems could cause the new span of the bay bridge to open maybe labor day weekend. they don't know. it could have -- the sowrts must be found before a fix can be made. >> this is one of the first real construction problems we've had on the project. we're gonna try to lick it and get open on labor day. >> they are looking at four different solutions and the bridge might even before the
7:34 am
bolts are fixed. if engineers determine the new span is still stronger than the old one. chevron is planning to move 400 positions out of the bay area compared to the previously planned 800 positions that were going to move. a spokesman told us the company will relocate those 400 positions from san ramon to houston. late last year, chevron considered moving 800 jobs to texas. the job cuts represent about 11% of the 3500 workers at chevron's east bay headquarters. 7:35. authorities in the east bay investigating a shooting last night right near the richmond city limits. it happened near valley view road and allison lane. police say a man who had been shot walked into an orinda safeway store about 8:15. that's miles away from where police believe the shots were fired. investigators are trying to piece together what may have happened. there is a new development in the fatal shooting of a south bay paramedic in oakland. police say they found the car
7:35 am
used by the gunman. 34-year-old quinn boyer was shot in the head last tuesday at a stop sign on keller avenue in the oakland hills. he died two days later in the hospital. police say they did find the car in east oakland right near horace elementary school one day after the shooting. san francisco police will not carry stun guns. the city's police chief had hoped to provide officers with what he considered a nonlethal weapon. lorraine blanco is live from the san francisco hall of justice to explain why the chief changed his mind. >> reporter: last night at a police commission meeting, chief greg suhr withdrew his proposal to arm some of his officers with tasers. he says because of all of the potential restrictions there could do more -- there would do more harm than good. last summer, he said the less
7:36 am
lethal weapons would save lives. the chief proposed the tasers after an officer-involved shooting in july when police shot and killed a man armed with a box cutert -- cutter. police considered input from the public including those who said these could cause major injuries to an elderly person, young person. san francisco is one of the last major cities in the country that doesn't use tasers. the police commission has rejected two proposals in the last three years. now, we do have a call into san francisco police. and some of the community organizations that are against tasers as soon as we hear back from them, we will bring that response to you. reporting live in san francisco, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 7:36. a federal judge is threatening to take legal action against any city worker who stands in the way of the man he prout in to reform the oakland police -- brought in to reform the
7:37 am
oakland police department. the judge has accused city hall of trying to obstruct frasier from legal or contractual argument. oakland agreed to accept a court compliance director to avoid a complete takeover of the department following a brutality scandal. randy royce died march 26th after a long battle with cancer. a memorial service will be held for him today. during his time on the city council, her is everybodied -- he served as vice mayor and mayor. the member service will be held at 5:30 at the heller aviation museum. the owners of the sacramento kings have set a deadline of tomorrow for sacramento investors who hope to buy the team. the sacramento bee reports the maloof family has told a group that includes east bay health
7:38 am
club finance oir to -- financeeer to hand in their offer tomorrow. later this morning, ed lee will make a big announcement. it involves a prayer's bid to host super bowl l at the 49ers' new stadium in santa clara. now, ktvu news has learned that steve young and george sifford will be joining the team trying to bring the super bowl to the bay area in 2016. next month, nfl owners will decide whether the bay area or miami will host the super bowl. all right. 7:38. want to check in again with sal. you say the focus, the headline here is the bay bridge tone -- toeb? >> yeah. we've had slow traffic at the toeb. at the toll plaza.
7:39 am
there haven't been any problems on the bridge. very slow. a lot of people are on it. it could be because earlier this morning, we had some major b.a.r.t. problems and more problems may decide to take the care. that's my hypothesis of the whole thing. 101, as you approach san francisco, there's no giants' game. yesterday, the traffic leaving the city was brutal after that day game. this is a look now on westbound 580. we have slow traffic and some gusty winds on the altamont pass. no problems in castro valley. let's go to steve. well, after yesterday's pretty significant warmup, it will be cooler. it will be sunny. most of the fog is around san mateo coast, parts of the santa cruz coastline and the peninsula. there's not much north of that. it will be cooler. santa rosa yesterday was a very toasty 85 along with concord.
7:40 am
livermore was 86. gilroy, 87. today we'll drop temperatures, san francisco from 74 to 63. concord, 85 to 74. san jose from an 82 to a 72. pretty big drop and a west wind will do that and also this front up there. a series of those was continuing to keep this theme going for into the weekend. we had our warmest day, 40s, 50s. 10, 12 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. north wind yesterday. northeast wind. it's more of a westerly breeze. kind of calming down a little bit. it's been rather strong out to the delta. it's a sea breeze in place. there is were some howling gusts. 40 altamont pass. this system moves out. some of the fog, you can see the northwest breeze which wipes it out or doesn't establish it on the smoe na --
7:41 am
sonoma coast. there's the low that gave us the wind. still cranking up incredible weather. rain, severe weather is possible. this whole area downtogether lit up. 40s to the mountains. 48 eureka and then 50s, 60s down in southern california. one system moves out. another one stays to the north. it will keep things in place. fog, sun, cooler. temperatures coming down here. a good, 10, 12 degrees. some areas get a pretty good breeze. 64 alameda. to 78 antioch. gilroy, 71. 68 woodside. 68 san mateo and daly city at 60. fog, sun, mild into saturday. probably most of sunday. maybe a big cooldown with wind on monday and tuesday. >> thank you. a dramatic robbery caught on tape in san leandro. why police are so anxious to get these criminals behind bars.
7:42 am
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look at this video at -- you see it there in the background. isaac broomgan we'lled in a -- reeled in a tuna in honolulu. marin biologists say the shark sensed the fish and made a beeline for isaac. you see him there. he was kind of freaked out. they say it's unusual to catch something like this on camera. isaac says he's happy to tell the tale. uc davis researchers are helping the state investigate 17 horses who have died this fiscal year. three were trained by a kentucky derby winning trainer. an investigation uncovered severe heart problems and respiratory distress. the state calls the number of deaths alarming. responding to a medical emergency took an unexpected
7:46 am
turn for five georgia firefighters. >> we're in a situation where we have an armed person. >> while responding to yesterday's call, the firefighters were met by a man armed with a gun who took them all hostage. police say they took action when they heard an explosion and gunfire come from inside the home. the suspect was killed during a git-- by a gunfight. the home was in foreclosure and he wanted to hold the firefighters hostage until the utilities and cable were turned back in. police in the east bay want you to take a look at this video. they are searching for men accused in a series of armed robberies. claudine wong joining us live in our newsroom to tell us more about what we've learned about these crimes. claudine? >> reporter: well, dave, san leandro police are hoping this newly-released video will help lead to the arrest of two men wanted for the string of armed
7:47 am
robberies. take a look at this video taken at the grocery store outlet. you can see the two men walking into the store. they head on over to a cash register. that's where one of the men pulls out a gun. put it in the back and then at the head of that clerk demands cash. the other robber goes to another register. that's where michael vaughn was working. >> he came over to register 3, which was the one i was on, and everyone else got scared and hit the floor. i said i'm the manager on duty. i will open the drawer. i opened it up. they took the money out of there. went to the next register. i opened up that register, took the money out of there. they left -- as a matter of fact, they said have a good day and walked right out. >> police say detectives are confident that those same men are responsible for six other burglaries or robberies at a home depot, rite aid and dollar street. a couple of those stories were hit more than once.
7:48 am
the robber -- if you watch him, after exchanging some words with the clerk, he actually raises the gun at one point and then fires a shot into the air, into the ceiling of that store. >> as you watch the video, the clerk was cooperative. there wasn't anything that transpired which would have made you think it would justify someone firing a shot if you could even justify such a thing. but it was unique. we don't have this that often. we probably won't know until we talk to them. >> the reward raised by the community stands at $20,000. we do have a suspect description. they are both described as around 6 feet tall with larger builds, 200 plus pounds. police are hoping someone who recognizes the suspects will come forward and help police end this all peacefully. reporting live from the newsroom, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:48. we're following developing news from fort worth, texas. live pictures. look at this. a charter bus flipped over,
7:49 am
overturned on the george bush turnpike. look at all of the wreckage. all of the crews on the scene. those workers are pulling people out of that overturned bus. right now we don't know how many people were on the bus or how many, if any, were hurt. we do know that a special medical helicopter is there on the scene. again, this is in fort worth, texas. live report of an overturned charter bus. we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it in. also new this morning, uc berkeley celebrating a milestone in the treatment of malaria. today, the pharmaceutical company sonofi, it launching a component to fight malaria. it goes into making anti- malaria drugs. the milestone is based on a discovery made 12 years ago by uc berkeley by a chemical
7:50 am
engineering professor. lawyers for the man convicted of killing washington intern chandra leavey are going back to court. the man was convicted of chilling khan dray leavey in -- chandra leavey in 2010 despite evidence linking him to the crime. the latest hearing is set for thursday but it's not clear how much of the hearing will be opened to the public. we're you now hearning that -- we're now hearing that governor brown on his trip to china is urging the country's leaders to do something about air pollution. in a speech at a university in beijing, governor brown urged china to step up efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. record air pollution raised concerns about the country's poor air quality. governor brown is on a trip to china, focused on encouraging investment. three major venture capital companies are looking for entrepreneurs who want to
7:51 am
create applications and other accessories for google glass. the partnership including google's own venture capital company will provide up to $2 million to invest in software ideas and other gear for google glass. google glass is not expected to be released to the market until sometime next year. ten minutes before 8:00. well there's some really -- really pricey patrol cars out there. the expensive wheems that could be -- wheems that could be -- wheels that could be cruising down the street.
7:52 am
7:53 am
police say a 30-year-old was taking up two seats on a packed b.a.r.t. train from concord to san
7:54 am
francisco. a 62-year-old passenger tried to sit down and witnesses say he became aggressive and attacked the older man. that's when police say another passenger stepped in and stunned him with her stun gun. passengers on a different train applauded the woman who stepped in. >> you have to set aside whatever your fear is. you might be afraid what would happen to you and just go for it. >> now, zachary mccabe was arrested on suspicion of battery on a transit passenger. the woman with the stun gun will not face charges. 7:54. california's first powerball drawing told more than $3 million in tickets. but not one of those tickets was a winner. the state's first drawing was held last night in sacramento. the jackpot was estimated at $60 million. last night's winning numbers were 1, 36, 40, 52, 53 and the
7:55 am
powerball was 20. we have learned no one won the jackpot. the next drawing is saturday and that prize may be going up to $70 million. well, a city in the middle east known for its boundless bling is sparing no expense for public safety. police in dubai are on the fastrack to add a $500,000 lamborghini to its fleet cars. it's painted in green and white colors. the italian-made vehicle is the crown jewel. the force is also also adding american muscle cars to the police department as well. >> that's too wild. hey, sal, do you know the way to san jose? >> i do and only you and i know what that is referring to because there's a bunch of young people in the newsroom. there's slow traffic getting up
7:56 am
to 17. northbound 101 a little bit slow past 280 as you drive up to 17. westbound bay bridge, we have a backup here at the toll plaza. traffic is going to be backed up for about a 25-minute delay. we've seen somism prompt. southbound 880 at 92 there is a three-car crash. no injuries but blocking one of the lanes. it will be slow coming out of san leandro. i want to mention that in san francisco on city streets near the corner of 16th and third. these are live pictures from newschopper2. some sort of a labor protest going on at the hospital there. it's probably a good area to avoid. this is near the street car tracks as well. this is a good area to avoid. south of at&t park. we'll tell you more about what's going on here coming up. let's go to steve. a little change in the pattern. it will be sunny for most. a little bit of a low cloud deck came back. yesterday was the warmest day of the week by far. temperatures have come down 10
7:57 am
degrees. 40s and 50s on the temperatures right now. yesterday at this time, we were upper 50s, low to mid-60s. things have turned around. you go from a north-northeast wind to a westerly breeze. san francisco, 74 yesterday. we're going 63 which is right about where they should be -- where they should be. some clouds, patchy clouds. one system moves out. 50, 60s, to 70s but these will be down 10 degrees for some inland areas. it looks like we'll keep this on hold for the weekend. maybe a change next week. it's a story we've been following since 4:30. a stolen car leads to big trouble in one san francisco neighborhood. a family of beavers have found a home. >> reporter: we're live in vallejo where four people are shot while driving their car
7:58 am
through a residential neighborhood. we'll update you on their condition and tell you why they are making the investigation challenging for officers.
7:59 am
8:00 am
welcome back. some union workers are on strike. these are live pictures from newschopper2. it's of the walkout. this is near at&t park. you can see quite a few people out there gathering close to the streets. a couple of dozen people are picketing. we have this live picture. the union says it's upset about the hiring of nonunion workers. you can see some of the signs there saying they are picketing, this is unfair, they say. lorraine blanco will join us later in a live report. 8:00. in overnight news, it's been a violent night on the streets of vallejo. police say four people were wounded in a terrifying shooting. tara moriarty has been talking to police and joins us from vallejo police headquarters. >> reporter: luckily, all of those people are expected to
8:01 am
survive. but part of the challenge for investigators in this case, they say, that the victims are not cooperating with police. so officers say that may suggest that the victims actually knew the suspect. now, more than 30 shell casings found on the road, gunfire erupted at 10:15 last night. the suspects were firing a high- powered rifle and large caliber pistol at a white car, according to police, and the bullets shattered the back window and riddled the side of the car. the car then crashed into a parked car that was not occupied. officers found a man and a woman shot. two male victims from the car ran off and were pounding on neighbors' doors for help. the motive for the shooting is unknown. >> we didn't recover any weapons. there were over 30 casings, some of the casings were large caliber pistol casings and the
8:02 am
other casings were high-powered rifle casings. >> reporter: all four victims were in their 20s. we know the vehicle was just a small gray or white vehicle. vallejo police have had a shooting every day and they say that's a drain on resources and last night, they had to call in american canyon police for backup. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. police in east palo alto are looking for suspects in a drive-by shooting. police say a gunman inside a dark-colored car opened fire on a 29-year-old man walking down the street. the victim was struck in the head but is listed in stable condition. the car was gone when police arrived on the shooting scene. investigators are now urging witnesses to step forward. 8:02. san francisco police still searching for two suspected
8:03 am
carjackers. about 3:00 this morning, a 2011 nissan smashed into a muni bus and that fire hydrant at va necessary avenue and union street -- van ness avenue and union street. the one part of van ness avenue was blocked for more than an hour because of this. police say that car was carjacked from modesto several days ago. police spotted the car and they were chasing it at the time of the crash. >> whoever it was like they were pretty fast. if they crashed, they just qot out -- they just got out, they were gone. >> police are now looking for the two suspects. there were no passengers on the bus at the time of the crash. a false alarm at a popular san jose restaurant. a little while ago, fire crews raced to the seen of the pasta
8:04 am
parmadora aunt. investigators immediately found a sprinklerhead set off the alarm. this was around 6:45 in the bernal heights neighborhood. happening now, the u.s. senate is beginning debate on the new gun control legislation. the main legislation they are considering would expand background checks on gunn buyers. coming up at 8:15, we'll have a live report from our washington, d.c. newsroom on whether an effort by some republicans to block debate on the legislation is successful. a bipartisan immigration reform bill could be unveiled in the senate as soon as today but by next week at the latest. the bill gives the homeland security department $3 billion and ten years to upgrade border
8:05 am
enforcement. goals include continue use surveillance of every -- continuous surveillance of every inch of the border. rallies for immigrant rights were held in the bay area and across the nation yesterday. hundreds of people marched down market street here in san francisco. protesters say they are worried about deportation if lawmakers cannot agree on immigration reform. 8:05. new this morning, north korea now says it has "powerful striking means on stand by for a missile launch." now, despite the almost daily threats coming from north korea, south korea is playing down security fears. no foreign governments have made any moves to evacuate their citizens from the capitals of either of the two koreas. secretary of state, john kerry, is due to arrive in south korea tomorrow for talks about the very tense situation with north
8:06 am
korea. back here at home, a very unusual animal family has moved into san jose. ktvu's christien kafton joining us from the guadalupe river right near the hp pavilion to tell us why it's so unusual to have beavers down there. >> reporter: wildlife enthusiasts are very excited about the return of beavers to the river here in san jose. take a look. if you look down by the banks of the rever you see the gnawed up tree. it has beaver signs and that may be the location where the beavers are getting their materials to build up their lodge. they set up cam you are and shot great video of the new beaver family moving in and meeting their new neighborhoods, including a raccoon. urban wildlife research project confirmed it appears a pregnant mother and two pups have made their way to the river and this is the first time beaver have been spotted here in 158 years. wildlife experts hope this is a sign that their natural habitat
8:07 am
is returning. there's concern that the beaver could threaten flood control efforts if they build a dam. they say it does not appear they've built a dam, just a lodge. but there's a petition asking to develop a plan and co-exist with the beaver when and if they do build a dam. the beavers are already building their fan base if they are not building a dam. they already have their own facebook page. so a lot of people returning here to the -- people anxious and excited about them returning here. christien kafton. ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:07. want to check in with sal. see what's happening on the roads this thursday morning. things fairly busy. >> reporter: they are. the toll plaza as we know has been the big slow traffic spot this morning. it's improving. that's great. just after 8:00. we've seen some significant improvement coming into san francisco. and what's more, you don't have to worry about any giants'
8:08 am
traffic today because the giants are on the road. it should be a better commute, especially in the afternoon. this is a look at interstate 880 northbound and southbound in oakland. you can see the traffic here is moderately avenue. heading the other way, southbound 880 into hayward. we have slow traffic from 238 as you approach hayward. in farther, we'll go to the map -- in fact, we'll go to the maps. 880 southbound is slow. westbound san mateo bridge is slow heading out to the peninsula and 880 heading down to the dumbarton bridge is slow. if you want to use the dumbarton bridge as an alternate to san mateo, that's a good call right now. steve? a little pattern here. it will be sunny but breezy and cooler. 70s inland. fog has returned to parts of the coast. not all of it. overall, more of a westerly breeze instead of that north- northeast. a little system up in the sierra nevada was the main reason for it. 40s and 50s, instead of 50s and
8:09 am
60s. we had mid-60s yesterday. not the case today. the west wind was howling earlier. it's kind of backed off a little bit. out towards napa and livermore there's been -- and the delta it's been more of a westerly breeze. patrick in redwood shores says is there any way you to show what's going on in chicago and augusta, georgia? sure. snow on the back side of that. there's been rain. 41 degrees o'hare. kind of iffy. it looks like most of the heavier rain has pushed off toward the east. augusta starts off all right but it will cloud up and thunderstorms are close. i think they are going to deal with thunderstorms and rain starting tonight into tomorrow. the weekend looks pretty good. for us, the system moves out. but it's left the information and that's in the form of a westerly breeze and a series of these systems will continue to clip us to the north. yesterday we maxed out.
8:10 am
temperatures settling in to 60s and 70s. temperatures will be slightly above average. i think over the next day or two, we'll slide pack in -- back in. 71 santa clara. san jose, 72. 60 daly city. 68 menlo park. not much of a ing cha for the weekend. it looks like a cooldown with significant wind on monday/tuesday. >> all right. we're back on market watch this morning. the stock market keeps heading into uncharted territory. we'll have a live report. also, which bay area water district wants everybody to conserve water as much as 50%. real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. this week, a crazy low price on tide, $10.99 for 100 ounces. skip the warehouse. quilted northern is $10.99 for 24 double rolls.
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8:13 am
a little bit of fog has returned. some patchy low clouds, also over san jose. mainly around the san mateo, santa cruz coast. the main effect, cooler days. temperature, 60s and 70s now. 8:1. in the midwest they are bracing for the last of several storms to blow through. missouri, arkansas, minnesota, some of the states hit with heavy rain, snow and damaging tornadoes. three tornadoes touched down in st. louis, missouri yesterday. luckily, no one was seriously hurt. another tornado in arkansas damaged at least 33 homes. icy weather left thousands of minnesota with no electricity. a west marin water district wants everybody to save water. officials say the lack of rain and the warmer weather has teeply affected the -- deeply
8:14 am
affected the water supply. the district says they are asking customers cut landscaping watering by 50%. now, the next step would be to ban all outside watering. but a district manager says that's pretty extreme, at least for -- at this time. so they are waiting to see. 8:13. new this morning, the 20-year- old texas man accused of going on a stabbing spree is in court. this is new video from inside the courtroom. 20-year-old dylan quick is accused of stabbing more than a dozen people at a texas community college on tuesday. i guess we don't have the new video. two students remain in critical condition. he faces three counts of aggravated assault. a key hearing on the decision to allow small lives on planes begins in two hours. the coalition of flight attendant unions requested a seat at this morning's house transportation security meeting but was not included. the coalition says the tsa's decision could put flight attendants in danger. the policy change is set to
8:15 am
take effect in two weeks. happening right now, u.s. senators in washington are voting on whether to debate new gun legislation. the question before the senators, whether to move ahead and talk about new gun control legislation. as kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom, big questions. there have been some emotional speeches so far this morning. kyla? >> reporter: yes, dave. senators have to vote. it's a procedural vote before they can even move forward with the formal debates. we're gonna take a live look at the senate floor right now. barbara boxer and dianne feinstein did not speak this morning but others did and they got emotional referring to republicans who want to block a vote. >> why should we not want to plug the loopholes to buy guns without background checks? stand up and be counted. >> reporter: there are a number of gun bills up for debate,
8:16 am
possibly. the most recent by joe manchin and pat toomey. they want to expand background checks to include online gun sales and purchases at gun shows and exclude sales between hunters, family members and friends. but a different bill up for debate would cover all of those sales. some republicans refuse to go along with it. >> this bill is a clear overreach that will punish and harass our neighbors, our friends and our families. >> reporter: another live look as they are taking role call and they will go ahead and vote on debating the bill. reporting live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:16. a man from oregon is facing charges after allegedly stalking the families of the victims of the colorado movie theater rampage.
8:17 am
this is 45-year-old kevin purrfield. back in late february, colorado police said he was e-mailing, calling and using social media to contact the victims' families. none of the contact we're told was threatening but police say it was unwanted and annoying. he's now facing telephone harassment and stalking charges. san francisco police need help. they are trying to find the family of a man who was crushed to death in an elevator shaft. it happened back on march 10th at the montgomery street b.a.r.t. station. we were telling you about it here on "mornings on 2." police say the man was sleeping on the top of the elevator when another passenger went to use the elevator. the medical examiner has now identified the victim as 42- year-old david thomas. police say he was a transient. he was having trouble finding his next of kin. according to a new survey, social media is ending friendships. the study was conducted by
8:18 am
corporate training firm vital smarts. it found that online arguments are spilling into real life with 19% of the people blocking or unfriending someone over an online altercation. 78% of people also reported an increase of rudeness online. they are saying people are braver when they can hide behind a screen. 8:17. and happening now, the dow jones industrial average and the s&p 500 index are moving further into record-setting territory. it's definitely a bull market. analysts credit the federal reserve pumping money into the economy. also good numbers on new jobless claims. maribel aber is live in new york to explain how high stocks can go and when they might start coming down. good morning.
8:19 am
>> reporter: good morning. of court, the big question on investors' minds, is this the time to get in? people watching their investments are all watching the same thing. the dow hit a record high. so now a little more than a percent away from 15,000. the s&p 500 hit another trading record high, raising it as high as 1593. it's 1696 right now. very close to -- 1596 right now. it seems to be the path of least resistance is still to the upside. there's really not much holding stocks back especially with the federal reserve drive the rally with the decision to keep pumping billions of dollars into the economy. if you have ever heard this, don't fight the feds, well, there you go. investors are cheer, the fed continuing to buy billions of dollars of treasury and mortgage backed securities. invest, are saying why not keep buying until there's no reason not to? this momentum is surprising some of the more pessimistic
8:20 am
traders and analysts. they didn't expect this to happen so quickly. sit tight. we could get more throughout the day. there's no big catalyst to the reason for the new records besides the fact that -- [audio breaking up] >> there is a downside. there are some stocks. hewlett-packard is down 5.5%. microsoft down almost 5%. is that because of the news of the slump in pc sales? >> reporter: that's right. this is coming after a slig slump showing in p -- big slump showing in pc sales. tori? >> thank you. 8:20.
8:21 am
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8:24 am
my dad is a brave individual. they vuf -- very tough. he's a tough cookie. >> sure is. well, the gunman came back again but the storeowner batted him in the head. the robbers got out of the store and ran away before they could be caught by police. 8:24. on a lighter note, the warriors took time off getting ready for the playoffs to play a practical joke on one of their teammates. several dumped bags and bags of popcorn into the sports car of kent baysmoore. he took it in street. he's not bad about his car getting filled with popcorn. he posted this message on twitter, popcorn or not, i still have the best teammates.
8:25 am
>> yes, he does. sal, i was amused. you were given a little bit of grief in high school. now you are the bmoc. >> at riordan high school someone tried to sell me a ticket to the third floor pool. well, they don't have a third floor or a pool. [laughter] >> let's take a look at the commute now. san mateo bridge not doing well. there was an earlier stalled vehicle on the high rise. things are loosening up a little bit. but i would not recommend using the san mateo bridge unless you want to wait. if you want to use the dumbarton, go down 880 or up to the bay bridge, that's backed up for about a 10-minute delay getting into san francisco. there are no major problems. there's no giants' game. we looked a the traffic there, it's backed up to 880. i want to tilt up to the east shore freeway. we are having a little bit of a late run between pinole and richmond because of earlier
8:26 am
problems. 80 southbound is in -- westbound is in bad shape. let's go to steve. >> i thought it was an infinity pool. [laughter] >> er inner mind. -- never mind. it's gonna be cool -- we're laughing here. some people want to know where the fog is. we'll see a cooler pattern. 50s to 70s yesterday. 50s 60s and 70s today. there are some hints that maybe early next week we could see a drop in the terps. we'll see. 8:26. some new developments in the bryan stow case. what's happening today with the two men suspected of beating the giants' fan. >> reporter: we're live in concord where a middle school schoolteacher is on administrative leave for alleged teacher abuse while in
8:27 am
class. >> reporter: we are live in san francisco where hundreds of union workers construction workers just walked off a job site at ucsf hospital. we'll tell you what happened when "mornings on 2" continues.
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcome back. happening right now -- more than 100 workers on strike at a ucsf complex south of at&t park in san francisco. ktvu's lorraine blanco is right there with the details. what's this all about?
8:30 am
>> reporter: they walked off because of the use of nonworkers. there are several dozen people on this side of the street as well as on the other side of the street. this is local 38. this is video from newschopper2. the union includes pipe fitters, electrics and sheet metal workers. they say l and s refrigeration and dr construction brought in nonworkers yesterday. that's why they are doing fg they can to shut down -- everything they can to shut down the site. >> i'm always anxious to see a nonunion worker on my job site or in my area. it's bad for me and it's also bad for our economy because they don't get paid what we get paid. they are typically out of state or from somewhere else. >> reporter: local 38 says they plan to stay out here at least for another hour. they hope they can resolve the problem later today. but if the company chooses to
8:31 am
use nonworkers again tomorrow, they will be back out here pick keting -- pickets. we asked for a comment and they told us to leave the property. reporting live in san francisco, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:30. a hearing is underway in los angeles right now for the two men accused of beating san francisco giants' fan bryan stow. louie sanchez and marvin norwood are accused of attacking stow in the parking lot the dodger stadium two years ago. witnesses say the two men punched and kicked stow until he was unconscious. bryan stow suffered a major brain injury. those suspects have pleaded not guilty to assault and battery. a middle school teacher in concord is on leave for allegedly hitting a student while in class. brian flores is here with the video and joins us live outside of the school with more details on the investigation. >> reporter: that's right, dave. school, the mt. diablo school district as well as concord
8:32 am
police are now involved in this investigation as we take a look at the school, it started about an hour ago. we have reaction from school officials as well as parents. as you mentioned, the teacher is on leave until further notice. but go ahead and take a look for yourself. here is a brief look at the video that's raising questions this morning. this is video shot apparently by a student in class. you can see them panning interest cell phone camera above and below the desk. was this a case of clear-cut teacher abuse? were the teachers egging on the teacher? was it play until in nature? has it happened before? these are questions that the video does not clearly indicate and that's what officials from the school district and even concord police are left to answer as they are involved as well. the video was sent to and was posted on the website yesterday. the math teacher is scene hitting the student with an unknown object in the video.
8:33 am
we also understand this particular incident happened before spring break. from what we know the teacher is on leave until the investigation is complete. school officials tell us they did not give a timetable when this will be complete but it will be tour row. >> i'm able to get an idea of what occurred. i don't want to share any personal information as it might interfere with the investigate. this is a personnel matter. it's a confidence matter. it's a serious one and it's being taken very, very seriously. >> reporter: the bigger question, did it happen before or was it isolated? many parents we spoke to were not aware of this one student said this was not the openly time. >> i think it's really bad. i asked my daughter what happened. she said she was hit also. she asked the teacher i think last week before the spring break and she said, yeah, she
8:34 am
informed me that my math teacher was terminated because she was -- she was fired because she hit a student. >> reporter: school officials tell us that the students in the video and in her class were questioned also. it's unclear whether those students had any disciplinary action to them as well. we'll stay on top of this. for now we're live in concord, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:33. in about 30 minutes 209 students at deer valley high school in antioch will undergo tuberculosis tests. contra costa health services is testing anyone who came into contact with a student who recently had tb. that student has recovered. health officials say the risk of another student contracting tb is only about 10%. it's still unclear if bolt problems on the new bay bridge span will delay the planned labor day opening.
8:35 am
engineers believe hydrogen got into 32 steel bolts making them brittle. that could have happened when the bridge was made or rain got in. >> when it was being designed nobody thought it was gonna happen. if we knew where we would fall, we would put a pillow there. >> until project managers know what caused the problems, they cannot say whether or not the new bridge will open on time, weeks late or even months after the planned opening. however, they do say the bridge could open even before the bolts are fixed. if engineers determine the new span is stronger than the current bridge. the chevron headquarters in san ramon says it will move 400 jobs out of the bay area which is about half of the original number. a spokesman told us the company will relocate those positions from san ramon to houston. late last year, chevron had considered moving 800 jobs from the bay area to texas.
8:36 am
the job cuts represent about 11% of the 3500 workers at chevron's east bay headquarters. 8:35. the east bay police investigating a shooting last night right near -- right near the richmond city border. police believe the shooting happened near valley view road and allison lane. then, miles away, a man with gunshot wounds walked into a safeway store around 8:15. investigators still want to know what happened and how the man got to that grocery store. there's a new development in the fatal shooting of a oakland hills. edic in the police found a car used by the gunman. 34-year-old quinn boyer was shot in the head last tuesday on keller avenue. he died in the hospital two days later. police say they found the car in east oakland right near horace mann elementary school one day after the shooting. 8:36. we have some breaking news to report out of washington, d.c.
8:37 am
the u.s. senate has just voted to move ahead with the debate on gun control legislation. this is a live picture of the senate floor. this is harry reid of nevada there speaking right now. the vote was 68-31 in favor of moving forward with the debate on gun control. some republicans had tried to block the debate. there was some threat of a -- of some opportunity not to be able to vote at all. >> yeah. >> but once again, they've voted to move ahead with gun control legislation. we will continue to follow this and bring you more information as we get it. san francisco's police chief is reportedly dropping his stun gun proposal. chief greg suhr had planned to give stun guns to 5% of the police force but the chronicle reports that he's dropped the proposal. this comes after major limitations of their use due to safety concerns. the chief says he's still
8:38 am
exploring ways for the officers to deal with dangerous suspects without using a regular gun. 8:37. the owners of the sacramento kings have set a deadline of tomorrow for sacramento investors who hope to buy the team. the sacramento bee reports the maloof family told a group, including east bay health club, owner to submit your offer by 5:00 tomorrow. the maloofs say the offer will be treated as a backup if the nba turns down their tentative deal to sell the team to a group in seattle. san francisco mayor ed lee later this morning will make a big announcement. it involves the bay area's bid to host super bowl l at the 49ers' stadium in santa clara. steve young and former coach sifford will join the team trying to bring the game here in 2016. next month, nfl owners will decide whether the bay area or miami will host that super
8:39 am
bowl. >> that would be really great if it was here in the bay area. let's check in with sal, see what's happening on the roads. >> we're looking at 101 in san francisco, northbound 101 looks pretty good. so does the 280 extension. i want to mention we had traffic on the 280 extension on the king street looking good. no baseball game. giants are on the road. today south of market should be easier as it was yesterday. bay bridge tone, moderately avenue -- toll plaza, moderately avenue. we have slow traffic still on the san mateo bridge. let me move this over. we're gonna try to get back down here to the san mateo bridge. there it is. traffic is very heavy across the bridge because of earlier problems. you can see the dumbarton bridge is much better. i would go with that, if i were you. a little bit of patchy fog came back. not a lot but a little bit
8:40 am
there. you can see some of that. doesn't mean much except it will be cooler. yesterday, we were fog free. you can thank or blame the system washing out over the sierra nevada. this morning, reno and truckee got rain. yesterday, we had mid- to upper 60s. it was very warm. now we've turned things around with the westerly breeze. that will translate into cooler temperatures today. fog is not up and down the coast. it's mainly san mateo, santa cruz coastline. but there's a westerly breeze in place for most. not for all but for most. it was much stronger this morning. giants are in chicago. this big system continues to send snow to the north. rain and severe weather to the south. chicago, 41 degrees a o'hare last nile -- at o'hare the last time i've checked. doesn't look like the best baseball weather but the heavier rain seems to be moving to the east. augusta should be okay today. but thunderstorms are close. they are gonna get into the
8:41 am
picture probably tonight and friday. for us, our system kind of falls apart but because of the system arriving, it opened the door to the sea breeze. that's allowing a couple of systems to do that. so with that in place, the pattern has changed. westerly wind, cooler, coast and bay. we'll sill have a lot of sunshine. so 60s, 70s for many instead of those low to mid and even upper 80s that we had yesterday. a few areas will be close. i think we bring inland temperatures down about 10 just by the mere fact we get that more westerly breeze. not much of a change early into the weekend. there are some signs early next week could get a cooler, windy pattern. 8:41. well, the phrase jumping the shark takes on a whole new meaning for a man fishing in hawaii. >> shark made a circle, came around -- >> scary face-to-face incident with a shark and why he's lucky to walk away from it. security video -- vurt video and why police believe --
8:42 am
security video and why police believe these suspects are responsible for several other crimes and hear a witness tell us how it all went down.
8:43 am
8:44 am
stocks keep moving higher
8:45 am
in morning trade. the dow and s&p are continuing to build on new highs. and stocks and retailers are higher today after reports of better sales. the dow is currently up 60, at 14,862. the nasdaq is up 8 and s&p is up nearly 9. 8:44. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you right now. in vallejo, four people were shot and wounded last night. it happened around 10:00 on minnie drive. police say a gunman in one car -- say gunmen in one car fired shots at another car. all four shooting victims are expected to survive. san francisco police are busy for searching for two suspects involved in an early- morning stolen car chase that ended when that 2011 nissan hit a muni bus and a fire hydrant at the corner of union street and van ness avenue. that car was carjacked several days ago in modesto. more than 100 union workers
8:46 am
are pick ketting at the -- pickets at the ucsf mission bay complex right near at&t park in san francisco. they are angry that seven nonunion workers were hired. the construction company officials are refusing to comment. 8:45. this morning, we have video of a frightening robbery in the east bay. police say it's just one of several committed by the same two men. ktvu's claudine wong joins us live from the newsroom with an interview with the man who was there when the robbery happened and more details on this crime spree. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning. the security video was taken at the grocery outlet store on 14th street in san leandro in late january. police are hoping the video will help capture the men responsible for the robbery and several others. ktvu did talk to an employee of that grocery outlet store who was working at the time and he takes us through what happened. >> i see two people come in. i see one with a mavel and i see the -- mask and i see the next person put his hand in his
8:47 am
pocket and pulled out at .9 millimeter i think it was. i thought here we go. about to get robbed. >> and they did. watch as the robbers go behind the counter and one of them points a gun at the clerk's back and then at his head. there's some kind of conversation and for some reason, the robber points the gun at the ceiling and fires off a shot. this while the other man makes his way to the register where michael vaughn is working. >> the next one came over to register 3. that's the one i was on. everyone else got scared and hit the floor. i said i'm the manager on duty. i will open the drawer. i opened it up. they took the money out of there. went to the next register and they took the money out. they left and -- as a matter of fact, they said have a good day and walked right out. >> vaughn says he tried to stay calm and give them what they wanted. police say they are denver --
8:48 am
confident that the two men seen are responsible for similar crimes at a home depay, rite aid and dollar tree. a couple of stores were actually hit more than once. a description of the suspects at all of the crimes match. there is a reward raised by the community. it zand at $20,000. the suspects are described as having a larger build. they are around 6 feet tall, 200 plus pound, between 25, and 35 years old. police are hoping the video will help them find these two men and lead to a peaceful end to this crime spree. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:48. we're following breaking news in san francisco. right now, a shooting was reported just about ten minutes ago. police tell us multiple shots were fired on the 100 block of brighton avenue. this is in the ingleside district. we're told one person was shot. police are on the scene right now. we will bring you more information on the shooting in san francisco as it becomes available. an autopsy is scheduled on the burned body of a man found
8:49 am
along a san jose freeway. the body was discovered tuesday as firefighters were putting out a brush fire on the coddle road onramp. police say the victim was homeless and living in the area. ktvu found a mexican consulate i.d. card at the scene and turned it over to authorities. 8:48. some people are putting up a stink about a strange smell in milpitas. odor reports in the past two years have been going up. since 2011, the city received 373 complaints about bad smells. authorities say two major sources of the ode others are believed to be the -- of the odors are believed to be the landfill. tiger woods teed off at the masters as the overwhelming favorite. he was playing with luke donald
8:50 am
and scott peercy. there's tiger right there. they are out there in augusta, georgia. tiger woods has already won three times this year and reclaimed the number one spot in the world golf rankings. david linn is the early leader. a fishing trip in hawaii took a wild turn yesterday. a ten-foot tiger shark tried to steal this man's fish. now, isaac brumagain said he was reeling in a tuna when a shark tried to steele it away -- steel it away. >> the shark made a circle, hit my kayak. it kind of hit me what happened. >> the experts say that ten- foot shark sensed the fish trashing on that line, made a b- line for isaac there. very unusual to catch something like that on camera. isaac is just happy he can talk
8:51 am
about the story. she's alive. >> that's a big shark. tiger woods is at even par through three holes. the leader is at 4-under, david linn. ten minutes before 9:00. it's the super bowl of spelling. the new challenge facing students from across the country this year. and northbound 280 is up to bar but 680 not. we'll tell you why 680 all of a sudden in walnut creek is very, very slow.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
an overturned charter bus near the dallas/fort worth international airport. these are live pictures. at least six people are being treated at hospitals. we don't know their conditions. we're not sure why the bus overturned either. firefighters had to use emergency exits on the roof of the charter bus to rescue the people inside. we'll tell you posted if we get more information. back here at home, b.a.r.t. police say a woman used a stun gun to zap a passenger who attacked a man on the b.a.r.t. train. police say 30-year-old zachary machine cane was taking up two streets on a train from concord to san francisco yesterday. a 62-year-old passenger tried to sit down and witnesses say mccabe became aggressive and
8:55 am
attacked the older man. that's when police say another passenger stepped in and zapped mccabe with her stun gun. >> absolutely. it was a good deed. it helped this victim from possibly getting hurt more seriously than they were. >> mccabe was arrested at the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station on suspicion of battery on a transit passenger. he could get up to a year in jail and be fined $10,000 if convicted. the woman used that stun gun will not face any charges. 8:55. the man accused of threatening to kill lee land yee is expected in a santa clara courtroom this morning for a status hearing. 45-year-old everett basham was arrested in february. search warrants recently revealed authorities found 26 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition in his home. reportedly, he was angry about yee's proposed gun control legislation. lawyers for the man convicted of killing chandra
8:56 am
leavey are going back to court. the man was convicted of killing her in 2010, despite a lack of witnesses and no dna evidence linking him to the crime. he's serving a 60-year sentence. leavey disappeared in 2001. her remains were found one year later. the latest hearing is set for thursday. it's not clear how much of the hearing will be open to the public. united airlines is adding two nonstop flights out of san francisco international airport. the changes will include daily, year-round service to tie way and paris. the -- taipei and paris. the director says that will make travelers happy. this year united is expected to operate more than 300 flights every day out of san francisco, more than any other airline. it will take more than just good spelling to win the spelling bee. students will have no -- will have to know what the words
8:57 am
mean. the vocabulary tests will account for 50% of the score that will determine semifinalists and finalists. the tests will take place in private. this year's bee starts may 28th in maryland. that's a lot more pressure. >> yeah. 8:56. sal, can you help the folks at the toll plaza? >> yes, we k traffic at the toll plaza looks good -- yes we can. traffic at the toll plaza looks good. a crash's been cleared. it was a motorcycle crash. a rider went down. peep helped him up. he rode off the freeway. the bay bridge traffic is moderately avenue. we have breaking news in san francisco on the 100 block of brighton avenue. we have pictures now of this shooting that happened about a half-hour ago in the ingleside district. one person has been hit. ktvu is on the scene. we'll have more on this shooting investigation coming up on the ktvu channel 2 news at noon. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a lot of sun today.
8:58 am
cooler coast and bay. we'll go from 60s to 70s. not much change as we go into the weekend. >> all right, steve. >> all right. thank you. >> that's our report for this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. be sure to watch the noon news on more on the bid to host the super bowl. we're always here for you at thank you for joining us.
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